Advanced Program Design, 2nd Edition

Advanced Program Design, 2nd Edition

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Presented by Matthew Wallden

Includes manual, streaming videos and test

Designing effective programs is not just a science, but an art. In Program Design you learned a lot about the science of program design and the manipulation of acute exercise variables. In Advanced Program Design we take this craft to a new level, diving into a multitude of factors that influence the art of effective program design.

We cover key areas such as how to:

  • integrate motivational factors into program design
  • identify and adapt your program to match your client’s physiological load
  • perform an effective needs analysis
  • understand and calculate biomotor profile
  • assess, ascend and descend Primal Patterns™
  • progress from base conditioning into specificity phase conditioning
  • apply the success formula across rehabilitation & performance conditioning

To create a truly effective program it must match the needs and conditioning of the individual. You could write the best program in the world, but if your client doesn’t do it, or can’t do it, or gets injured doing it, it loses all its value. Advanced Program Design teaches you how to consider all key elements of the client’s health, performance and motivational status so that the programs you design are among the most effective and thorough on the planet.