Our Brand-New elearning courses fills the gap that most health and fitness training misses - the lower limb. 

Guided by CHEK Faculty Matt Wallden, one of the world’s foremost authorities in gait and barefoot technology, you’ll learn about the evolutionary history and functional anatomy of the lower limbs, common 

Beginning with the lumbar spine and working downward through the hips, pelvis, knee and ankle to the foot, you’ll learn about the functional anatomy and evolutionary/developmental history of the lower limbs. You’ll learn about the causal context behind common lower limb injuries like plantar fasciitis and knee arthritis.

You’ll also learn a powerful model for rehabilitation and conditioning - a model with applications far beyond the lower limbs!

The perfect complement to The CHEK Approach to the Lower Limb, Walking Tall offers an in-depth exploration of Gait Analysis that you can use immediately with your clients.